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Fork loadingThe difference between fork lift truck



Actually, the forklift truck used in stone mines is not a loader we understand, nor is it a forklift truck. Of course, if it is operated, its function and principle can also be understood as a derivative of earthwork machinery, but must be based on earthwork machinery loaders, and must take into account the frame. The technical requirements of tyres, drive axle, hydraulic pressure, boom, brake and so on are different.

That is to say, all-round unlike loaders! Integrated products and industry characteristics, if the fork loader is named "block fork loader", with the existing loader management standards, the extension of another classified product loader, which is conducive to centralized management.

Then, for the correct use of forklift trucks operating procedures generally what, forklift truck manufacturers will give you a specific explanation.

Generally speaking, forklift safety operation rules are established to ensure the safety, accuracy, standardization and effective operation of forklift truck drivers. This regulation stipulates the operation rules of forklift drivers in various links such as starting, driving, loading and unloading. Drivers of forklift trucks must undergo professional training, pass the inspection of the safety production supervision department, obtain special operation certificate, and with the company's consent before they can drive, prohibit unlicensed operation.

It is mainly divided into three points:

I. Objective: to regulate the safe operation of forklift trucks and drive safely.
Two, scope of application: forklift driver;
Three. The code of safe driving for forklifts:
1. Driving forklift trucks must pass the examination of relevant departments and obtain the operation certificate of special type of work issued by government agencies, and strictly abide by the following safety operation procedures.
2., we must conscientiously study and strictly observe the operation procedures, familiar with vehicle performance and operation area road conditions. Master and maintain the basic knowledge and skills of forklift maintenance, and do well in vehicle maintenance work according to the regulations.
3. Driving with people is strictly prohibited. Drinking with alcohol is strictly prohibited. No food or gossip is allowed on the way. No mobile phone calls are allowed on the way.
4. Vehicles should be strictly inspected before use. It is forbidden to leave the vehicle with breakdowns and to forcibly pass dangerous or potentially dangerous sections.
Four. Forklift Safety Manual:
The operation of electric forklift drivers must meet the requirements of safety regulations.
1. Check the validity of the brake system and whether the battery is sufficient before running. If defects are found, do not operate until the brake system has been perfected before running.
2. It is not allowed to carry the goods with a single fork, nor to pick up the goods with the tip of the fork. It is necessary to insert the whole fork under the goods and place the goods evenly on the fork.
3, smooth start, slow down before turning, normal speed should not be too fast, stationary braking stop.
4. Do not stand on fork, forklift truck is not allowed to run.

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